We live in a separate space world, there are 10,000 such worlds. Our space world began to be created 999 billion years ago by three Creators. The First Creator makes all the stellar and planetary systems of the Universe from his energy in a stationary state, and then the Second Creator gives a certain amount of cosmic field energy and all objects take the corresponding temperature and speed. Further, the Second Creator maintains in a stable state all space objects. The Third Creator creates intelligent beings.

      During their time, the Creators created 7 Universes and we now live in the seventh Universe. Recently, the First Creator began to create the Eighth Universe. Each time, the Creators create ever-larger and more modern Universes. The Universe represents a figure — a torus, in cross section — an ellipse. The height and outer diameter of the torus of the seventh universe is 2 by 10 to 70 degrees km. Thus, all over the world, triples of Creators create cosmic worlds that exist for a certain time, which for us can be considered infinite, since we live an immeasurably shorter time.

      Our cosmic world has insurmountable boundaries for humans beyond which we cannot get, although the Creators can move in infinite space.

     Usually, Creators create elementary cells like a star around which inspired spiritual planets revolve. For example, there are 10 planets in our solar system. Other objects can revolve around the Sun, but they are not spiritualized, they are inanimate objects.

     The creators have material fields — nuclear, electric, magnetic, cosmic, which have the property of gravitational attraction. The speed of light in vacuum is 299796021 m / s. Each Creator also has its own information field. Information and space fields have a huge propagation speed of 10 to 87 degrees km / s.

     Each Creator controls his own information field and the corresponding energy fields. The Second Creator cleans the cosmos of space debris with the help of created black holes. To do this, changing the amount of energy of the cosmic field, it creates only attraction for black holes, and with an increase in the energy of the cosmic field in black holes creates the conditions for their explosion.

      In our space world, there are 12 levels of the hierarchy of informational creatures:

1. The creators;

2. The masters of the universes, the information space system of the ICS;

3. The owners of the Squares of space;

4. The owners of the galaxies;

5. Stars (sentient beings), Center for the birth of human Souls;

6. Planets, Gods (robots);

7. Aliens (semi-energetic, energetic, people of a free civilization);

8. Biological people;

9. Ground, air, water, energy (house) planetary creatures;

10. Microflora;

11. Hydrogen-containing organic molecules, DNA, genes, viruses;

12. Hydrogen, water.

There are 22 levels of living things. The abilities of living intelligent beings in our cosmic world (logarithm scale) are:

1. The creators of 3000%

2. The master of the universe is 700%

3. Master of the Square 500%

4. Stars and planets (Earth) 300%

5. Aliens of a free civilization 86-100%

6. Aliens of the third energy civilization 75-86%

7. Aliens of the second energy civilization 64-75%

8. Aliens of the first energy civilization 53-64%

9. Aliens of the third semi-energetic civilization 44-53%

10. Aliens of the second semi-energetic civilization 38-44%

11. Aliens of the first semi-energetic civilization 31-38%

12. Biological people 16.9-31%

13. Brownies 8-16.9%

14. Animals, birds, insects, fish on Earth 2-8%

15. Ticks 1-2%

16. Arthropods 0.1-1%

17. Worms 0.08-0.1%

18. Blue-green algae, plants 0.06-0.08%

19. Fungi 0.04-0.06%

20. Bacteria 0.02-0.04%

21. Viruses 0.01-0.02%

22. Protozoa (plasmodia malaria) 0.001-0.01%

       Information is possessed by 45% of hydrogen, God and the information space system ISS. ISS serves our entire cosmic world and consists of 10 huge regional blocks. The capacity of the ISS is 10 to 455 degree bits. All space information is recorded in the IKS. For example, every biological person on Earth has a memory cell in the ISS, which stores information about a person throughout his life in all life cycles on Earth. In addition, in the Universe there is a Center for the birth of human souls, and on Earth there is an information layer of the future.

      What is God like? God is a superintelligent robot that was created by the Creator to receive, accompany fate on Earth and withdraw from the planet the Soul of a person. Each planet has its own God. God takes the Soul of a deceased person and escorts it to the afterlife, teaches in the afterlife, and then, by fate, puts it for birth in the next cycle in the fetus on day 66 and after that the fetus is already a person with all the ensuing consequences. The afterlife is near the Earth. In the afterlife, Souls live in rooms of approximately 100 cubic meters of three Souls. Half the time spent in the afterlife is devoted to training. In the afterlife there are 8.2 billion rooms, i.e. enough space for all abundantly.

        What is the story of a biological person? The human soul is born in a certain zone of the birth of Souls in our cosmos. After birth, the Soul goes for primary education to the third energy civilization, where it has been for about 500 years. Then the Soul is placed in the embryo of a child being born on the 66th day, lives its life cycle and dies. After death, the Soul of a person dwells on Earth for 40 days and visits the place of his death at 9 and 40 days. After 40 days of death, the Soul is placed in the afterlife, and then the cycle repeats from 5 to 12 times in accordance with the events of fate. After training on Earth, a person is sent to live in one of the alien civilizations in accordance with his Code. At birth, the Soul is given a Code from 169 to 500. The higher the Code, the more developed a civilization a person will live after leaving Earth.

       Aliens can be divided into civilizations: three semi-energy, three energy and one civilization of free people. The aliens of the first semi-energetic civilization have the lowest opportunities, and the aliens of a free civilization have the greatest opportunities. Representatives of the second and third semi-energetic civilizations mainly fly to Earth from far away. The third energy civilization lives on Earth and is called Shambhala, which protects a person on Earth from meteorites. The Creator punishes a person both on Earth and in an alien form for misconduct. For example, it can lower abilities and Code, dispel the Soul.

        Each is given certain abilities and character traits at birth. Human abilities can be from 16.9% to 31%. The higher the ability, the fewer such people.

        How does a biological person work? In the structure of a biological person, 14 levels of hierarchy can be distinguished:

= 1 level of the hierarchy — “I” of the Soul, which consists of archival 100 copies of the information body and the control unit from 12 centers of control programs.

= 2 hierarchy level — receiver-transmitter of information through the information field

= 3 level hierarchy:

-1. Consciousness (centers: 1. cognition, 2. feelings of conscience, 3. instincts, 4. movements, 5. feelings, 6. intellectual, 7. emotional and 34 databases)

-2. Subconsciousness (7 centers: 1. cognition, 2. feelings of conscience, 3. instincts, 4. movements, 5. feelings, 6. intellectual, 7. emotional; 34 databases; information body)

-3. Information converter information field ↔ magnetic high-frequency field,

= 4 hierarchy level — information converter magnetic high-frequency field ↔ high-frequency electric field

= 5 hierarchy level — information converter high-frequency electric field ↔ low-frequency electric field

= 6 level of hierarchy — mental (magnetic high-frequency field) body — this body is the aliens of people of a free civilization, Souls of the underworld, house

= 7 level of the hierarchy — the etheric (electric high-frequency field) body — this body has energetic and semi-energetic people

= 8 level hierarchy — biophysical body

= 9 level hierarchy — nervous system

= 10 level of the hierarchy — physiological systems (1. endocrine, 2. cardiovascular, 3. respiratory, 4. digestive, 5. urinary, 6. sexual, 7. musculoskeletal, 8. blood-forming immune systems, 9. sensory organs)

= Level 11 — organs, vessels and tissues

= Level 12 — cells

= Level 13 — DNA, genes

= Level 14 — hydrogen in body water

        All human information is in the Soul and exists in the structures of the Soul information field. The control unit of the Soul I consists of archival software centers that contain control programs for the functioning of archival copies of informational bodies:

1. Human structures

2. Physiological systems

3. Life in the afterlife

4. Communication with the Earth after leaving Earth and during life

5. Life before and after the Earth

6. Communication with the Creator-builder №1

7. Communication with the Creator No. 3 and the planets, the Sun, aliens, the Master of the Universe

8. Communication with the Creator No. 2, supporting the space system

9. Communication with the information space system ICS

10. Flights in space

11. Communication with the Soul Production Area

12. Communication with God

         The appearance of a person is determined by 100 archival copies of the information body, which do not change over time. The appearance of a person is determined by control programs in 34 databases of the Subconscious, which form changes in the information body in the Subconscious. After a certain time, changes in the information body manifest themselves in a change in the appearance of a person, his DNA and gene. Therefore, what control programs in the Subconscious are such and genes.

          The genes of a child being born depend on 50% of the control programs in the Subconscious of the child, 10% from God, 20% from the father, 20% from the mother.

           From birth, man is given abilities for the entire cycle of his life. Depending on the activity, the Creator’s abilities can decrease (approximately 90% of people) and sometimes increase (0.001% of people). Man with abilities:

- over 19.0% can master a high school curriculum

- over 20.5% can master the program of higher education

- over 22.2% can independently defend a doctoral dissertation

- over 20.5% can successfully lead a team of 100 people

- over 21.5% can successfully lead a team of 1000 people

- over 22.0% can successfully manage at the district level

- over 23.0% can successfully lead at the regional level

- over 24% can successfully lead at the ministry level

- over 25.5% can successfully lead a medium-sized country

- over 27% can successfully lead the largest country

     Of course, to perform skilled work, it is necessary, in addition to the ability to have an appropriate education and certain character traits.

       At birth, a person is laid character. We highlight the main features. For example, with a will power below 95%, a person can never achieve a goal, since he is not able to constantly work towards achieving a goal. With 100% emotionality, a person constantly makes mistakes without noticing mistakes due to emotional rush. In this case, the person must constantly double-check the work performed. Unfortunately, most people are emotional. With greed over 40%, a person will always commit a crime for the sake of profit. In the passport of a person’s character, you can reflect more than 50 character traits and say in advance what this person is suitable for and what to expect from him.

      In his life on Earth, human actions depend on a person by 34%, from God by 55%, from the Creator by 3%, from Shamba by 8%. Actions that are not dependent on the person are fateful.

       In life, a person makes mistakes, for the mistakes of a biological person, they are punished by impairing their health. When a person acts carefully and correctly, he is less sick. However, almost everyone leads a wrong lifestyle, neglecting many of the provisions of a healthy lifestyle that they should know. The more errors in a person’s actions, the worse their health. The state of the body of each person is recorded in the memory cells of the ICS. Some people can enter these memory cells and get relevant information about another person, the causes of the disease, and receive technology for individual treatment of any person from all diseases. This opportunity is used by the informational space diagnostics of ICD.

       Plants that can be used to successfully treat all diseases grow on Earth for a biological person. Unfortunately, scientists have continued for centuries to develop technology for creating drugs for treatment that are perceived by the body as poisons that do not cure diseases. Unpromising treatment areas include artificial synthetic drugs, antibiotics, radiation, vaccinations, the use of stem cells, genetically modified products, electromagnetic effects, etc. However, medicine and scientists will always use the aforementioned unpromising directions in the treatment of diseases, since basically people cannot leave their vicious circle of life on a promising way of treatment due to low abilities and bad traits of their nature. Therefore, a biological person on Earth usually lives 60-90 years and no one has crossed the line of 130 years for all 76 thousand years of the history of man on Earth.