ISD, i.e. informational space diagnostics, this new direction in medicine has appeared since 2010, which allows you to use all the knowledge that is included in the information field of the IP of our Universe. Each person has his own cell in the IP, in which he concentrates all the information about the person during all his lives. People are given to varying degrees to receive a small part of the information IP, someone can receive less, someone more than such information — it all depends on the fate of man. Throughout history, mankind has accumulated a certain part of the knowledge that is transmitted from generation to generation. Unfortunately, in the field of medicine, knowledge about a person is only 3%, so official medicine has many problems in the diagnosis and treatment. The ISD has a broader horizons of new knowledge, and they can solve many medical problems. It should be noted that doctors educated on old knowledge, in most cases, cannot perceive new knowledge, and this is a very serious problem in the restructuring of thinking.


What are the advantages of ISD?

 1. All diagnostics and development of recommendations for the treatment of ISD is carried out by the radiesthetic method using a photo or the presence of the patient. This is very convenient, since the patient can be at any distance (on the ground, underground, in space, under water) and there is no need for him to go somewhere and use some equipment. Moreover, the diagnosis is completely safe, which cannot be said about the diagnosis of official medicine using medical equipment, when a person is exposed to strong magnetic fields, electric fields, chemicals, the introduction of any devices, etc., which worsens the work of the entire biological body.

 2. Diagnosis of ISD is carried out only individually at any time in the past (including any moments of past lives) or present.

 3. ISD can obtain diagnostic information from any of the 14 levels of the hierarchy of the human structure. These hierarchy levels include the Soul Self, a transmitter of information through IP, Consciousness, Subconsciousness, three Information Converters, a mental body, an etheric body, a biological body with all physiological systems, organs, cells, DNA, genes and water. ISD allows you to determine anywhere in the body all varieties of pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms, the production of all enzymes and hormones, the state and slagging of all blood vessels, the length of telomeres and the production of telomerase, the presence of poisons, the quantity, composition and quality of food taken at any time, external physical and chemical exposure, blood condition, stress levels obtained, level of radiation, geopathogenic, electrical and magnetic effects, the presence of nitrates, dioxins, heavy metals, radionuclides, tumors, ie cells, the structure of water in the body, the harm and the usefulness of all the medicines, food, air, etc.

 4. ISD makes it possible individually for each to give recommendations on the use of plant-based safe products for the treatment of all diseases, which cannot be said about the methods of treating patients according to official medicine protocols, when a person is exposed to dangerous physical, biological effects and drugs that accumulate in the body and contribute to chronic diseases to the end of a person’s life.

     Human diseases are caused by an incorrect lifestyle, which includes infection by pathogenic natural and artificial organisms, slagging of blood vessels and cells, contamination with radionuclides, heavy metals, dioxins, nitrates, poisons, drugs, irradiation with geopathic, magnetic and electric fields, incorrect quantitative and qualitative reception food, stress perception, etc.

        ISD determined that all unfavorable effects on humans cause a change in the structure of water, in this case, water acquires a structure of 22 water molecules in a water cluster, and such water is a poison for cells and causes a deterioration in the function of cells. Unfortunately, medicines, food, air and water are in many cases the main pollutants of our body. All this must be controlled and measures taken to consume only environmentally friendly products. Often, doctors, instead of restoring the patient’s body, they put various devices inside him, do unnecessary operations, all this makes a person always sick and disabled.

        The causes of so many diseases, including cancer, AIDS, are pathogenic organisms that are quickly suppressed by ISD using plant products. It is useful for everyone to regularly take certain plant products for prevention from infection by pathogenic organisms, from slagging of blood vessels and cells. To increase longevity, it is useful to use structured mineral water.



       We usually take new information by sorting through research options, or sometimes a sudden insight is given to a person prepared for discovery. Such a path in achieving revolutionary scientific results is slow and reliable information is not always obtained. There is another approach to achieving scientific results; it is implemented in the informational space diagnostics of ISD [1]. In ISD, using the radiesthetic method, new information is obtained digitally by asking the right questions. Using the radioesthesic method, information can be obtained from various cosmic sources — from the information space system of the ISS, from God, from the Creator. Only trained person and one who has access to the information system receives reliable information. Not all people have this access. The information presented in the article was obtained from the indicated space sources.


    ISD confirmed that cancer is caused by cancer viruses. The following viruses are cancer viruses: human herpes virus type 5, human herpes virus type 7, Dobrava-Belgrade virus, Zika virus, human immunodeficiency virus, tick-borne encephalitis virus, Marburg virus, Bayou orthohantavirus, Benyvirus, Black Creek Canal orthohantavirus, Bunyavirales, Cano Delgadito orthohantavirus, cedratvirus, coronavirinae, dinodnavirus, ebolavirus, el moro cananyon Mamore virus, Rio Segundo virus, Thailand orthohantavirus, Tupanvirus.


     In order to understand the mechanism of the transformation of a healthy cell into a cancer cell, it is necessary to know the structure of the entire human system, how the whole human body is controlled, how the person works? In the structure of man, 14 levels of hierarchy can be distinguished, which include: 1. “I” of the Soul; 2. The receiver-transmitter of information through the information field; 3. Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Information Converter between the information field and the magnetic high-frequency field; 4. The information converter between the magnetic high-frequency field and the electric high-frequency field; 5. The information converter between the electric high-frequency field and the electric low-frequency field; 6. The mental body (magnetic); 7. The etheric body (electric); 8. Biophysical body; 9. The nervous system; 10. Physiological systems (endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, musculoskeletal, hematopoietic-immune, sensory organs); 11. Organs, vessels and tissues; 12. Cells; 13. DNA and genes; 14. Water and hydrogen. The first three levels of the hierarchy represent the structure of the Soul in the information field. The Soul always exists, even when the Soul leaves the biological body.


     A person has 4 billion critical nerve cells and 46 billion non-critical nerve cells. Through the information field, the Soul communicates with nerve cells of the following critical places: the right cerebral hemisphere, the lining of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic vessels, lymph, cervical spinal cord, bridge, olive, cingulate gyrus, pituitary gland. The remaining nerve cells receive an electrical signal from the Soul through the nerve cells of critical places. Hormones are secreted by non-critical nerve cells through an electrical signal from critical cells. Critical nerve cells give an electrical signal to release hormones on command from the Soul Subconscious Databases through the information field. Enzymes are secreted by non-critical nerve cells under the influence of hormones in the blood.


     The soul transmits an information signal to the myelin sheath of the nerve cell of critical places through the information field. The myelin sheath is a transceiver antenna of a nerve cell and receives a signal from the Soul, which is converted into an electrical signal in the body of the axon, which is transmitted to the nucleus and then the nucleolus of the cell. Cancer viruses penetrate the myelin sheath of critical nerve cells, destroy the myelin sheath, and because of this, the signal level between the Soul and the cell decreases, which changes the state of the cell. A cell can be: 1. Healthy; 2. Weakened — mitochondrial energy 78% — 99%, pH 7.35; 3. Inflamed — cancer viruses in the cell 1-109, mitochondrial energy 56% — 77%, temperature 37.40 ° C — 37.90 ° C, pH 7.3; 4. A benign tumor cell — cancer viruses 110-224, mitochondrial energy 20% — 55%, pH 7.2, temperature 38.40 ° C — 39.60 ° C; 5. Cancer cell — cancer viruses 225, mitochondrial energy 19%, pH 7.1, temperature 40.50C.


     Thus, the number of cancer viruses in the cell determines the condition of the cell. It is known that benign tumor cells and cancer cells increase cell division rate and cause tumor formation. The time between the division of the cells of a benign tumor is 222 days, and the time between the division of the cancer cells is 111

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