Welcome to our site. ISD information is taken from the Creator, God, the information space system.

 The informational space diagnostics of ISD provides a complete diagnosis of the human body, establishes the causes of the disease, gives recommendations for healing with the help of safe plant products.


ISD DETERMINES: all indicators of the state of the body and their change in time; homeostasis of physiological systems, organs, cells; biochemical parameters; all pathogens; slagging of blood vessels, cells; usefulness or harmfulness of food, liquid, medicines taken at any time … Diagnostic example.

ISD ESTABLISHES THE CAUSES OF THE DISEASE: toxins, infection, hormones, enzymes, food, poisons, stresses, drugs, radionuclides, heavy metals, dioxins, electromagnetic fields, gene changes, GMOs, nitrates, tissue stretching, water, old age …

ISD DEVELOPS only individual recommendations for a specific person at a certain point in time on the effective restoration of the health of the whole body through the optimization of water intake and safe plant products that help cleanse the body (organs, blood, blood vessels, intercellular space, cells) of toxins, from various pathogenic pathogens throughout the body, restoration of the immune system, increased homeostasis.

ISD ARE ACHIEVED by following the recommendations cleansing the entire body; suppression within 1-3 days of all pathogenic microflora; restoration of all cells, tissues, organs and physiological systems without drugs, operations and irradiation, which allows you to get rid of cancer, AIDS, coronavirus, hepatitis, heart diseases, flu, ulcers, strokes, heart attacks, stones, diseases of all organs, viral diseases …

YOU CAN ORDER for diagnostics and recommendations via e-mail: diagnostikm@mail.ru or ErmakovP@i.ua. In the letter, please indicate the surname, name of the person being diagnosed, the country, attach a photograph and your complaints about the disease. You will receive more detailed information after ordering.

Telephone for organizational consultant inquiries: +380954838072.