Ermakov P. P., professor
Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology

According to informational (torsion) diagnostics ( data in 1900 7% of world’s population had cancer, now 10% have it, and in 2050 year 15% will be sick with cancer. These data is given to show the special importance of the problem of fighting against cancer. Why cancer arises, what is cancer, how to diagnose cancer, how to cure cancer – all of this is still an unsolved to the end problem of the modern classical medicine today. Let’s consider the problem of cancer from the other side.

It is known that cancer can occur in human with poor lifestyle and with deteriorating conditions of the environment. Constant non-optimal nutrition, the use of incompatible foods, chemical poisoning, irradiation, mechanical destruction of cells, elevated temperature, the effect of certain electromagnetic radiation, pollution with pathogens, non-optimal physical activity, stress, heredity, etc. usually lead to this illness.
Let’s consider the mechanism of cancer disease process.

The normal adult human cell during its life cycle produces one new cell. The life cycle of a normal cell is divided into three periods — the maturation period, the period of pregnancy before discharging the new cell, the old age before death of cell. Newly born cell as a new human cell lives just half of it’s life until discharge from it a new cell. The second half of the life cycle cell lives as an old cell after cell discharging-birth a new cell from it. In optimal conditions the maximum cycle of cell life 666 days, and the number of possible consecutive cycles of degeneration that is established by Creator, is 100, which defines the length of human life. After one hundredth cell division cycle cell finish dividing, it’s life finishes. In the cycle from birth to death of the cell maturing takes 10% of the cycle time, 40% of the cycle of life it lives as a pregnant up to discharging a new cell and 50% of the time it lives in old age up to it’s death.

Due to the impact of negative factors an outer shell of normal human cell becomes porous and viruses can penetrate through these pores. Viruses can penetrate into the cell with porosity of membrane from 0.5 to 5%. If the porosity of the cell membrane is less than 0.5%, then viruses can’t penetrate into the cell. If the porosity of the cell membrane is more than 5%, then the cell becomes unviable.

Viruses that enter to cell through the pores reduce the life cycle of a human cell. The cell can be normal when the number of viruses up to 109, but this number of viruses decreases the maximum cell’s life to 492 days. With a deterioration in the living conditions of the cell period of is’s life becomes less even up to zero. When the number of viruses is 110, the maximum possible life cycle of cell is 489 days, with 224 viruses in the cell period of it’s life is not more than 81 days. Cells with viral load from 110 to 224 are classified as benign tumor cells. Periods of the life of a benign tumor cells is different from periods of normal cells. There is no maturation period in benign tumor cell, but there is pregnancy, constituting 40% of its life cycle, and the old age of 60% of the life cycle. The absence of the maturation period and longer cell life in old age contributes to the slow increase in the number of cells in benign tumors. The dead normal and benign tumor cells are removed by lymph.

In the presence in the cell from 225 to 555 viruses this cell turns into a cancer one. The lifetime of a cancer cell is 27 hours. Periods of cancer cell’s life differ from all other cells. After the birth of the cell its maturation period lasts for 10% of the life cycle. The period of pregnancy lasts for 14% of the cycle time, however, this cell has 6 periods of pregnancy. For old age cancer cell have 6% of the cycle time. In the presence of more than 556 viruses in the cell it dies in 2 minutes. This data shows that cancer cells multiply with a tremendous rate. After death cancer cells are toxic for our body.
So, what are viruses?

Viruses are organic crystals. The virus can produce 10 new viruses in the presence of nutrient moving enviroment, which exists in the cell. Viruses do not command the cell to reproduce them, but reproduce independently by dividing themselves when sufficient amounts of certain substances around them are situated. Then from one virus are consistently released 10 fragments, which are the seed for the growth and transformation of the fragments to form new viruses. The minimum time between the release of fragments of the virus 4 minutes. Virus belongs to the inanimate nature and has no mind. The virus only implements physical and chemical bonds. New designs of viruses are created by some intellectual creatures. Due to random processes new design of viruses do not arise. The virus is only physical and chemical structure. Under certain conditions, the virus can persist up to 1 million years. The virus does not consume food for its existence, as for its life products are not needed. Some products from surrounding environment are only deposited on external side of virus for growth and reproduction. Needed for growth and multiplication components deposite on the shell of virus in cells of human from nucleoplasm and cytoplasm. Viruses can enter the cell as a physical particle, if the integrity of the plasma membrane, Golgi apparatus, nuclear membrane is broken.

Under the radiation and chemical influence the cell structure integrity violation occurs, the porosity of the shell increases and viruses enter the cell, what increases the incidence of cancer. The virus does not die because of old age, it is stored and can break down in the acid, radiation, when exposed to radicals, at certain electromagnetic radiation, elevated temperature, etc. Viruses use the internal mechanical energy of motion for its growth and reproduction, which is characteristic of inanimate nature.

Viruses impact on the cell through the change in electrical resistance inside the cell. The more viruses are in the cell, the greater change of intracellular electrical resistance in the cell occurs. If you change the intracellular electrical resistance above the threshold normal cell turns into a cancer, ie. cycle of cell division changes. If the amount of viruses in cancer cell decreases below 225, then this cell turns to the cell of a benign tumor. Thus, one and the same human cell, depending on amount of viruses in the cell, can move from the category of benign tumor cell to cancer cell, and, conversely, to move out of the cancer cell category into a benign tumor cell when amount of viruses reduces below the threshold number. Central thing in this process is electrical properties of the cell.

Electrical resistance of a normal healthy human cell is 4 Ohms, when the number of viruses increases, the electrical resistance of cell increases too. For example, at 109 viruses in the cell electrical resistance is of 4,55 Ohms. At 110 viruses in the cell it’s resistance is 4,57 Ohms, and it turns into the category of benign tumor cells. At 224 viruses in the cell it’s resistance becomes 5,57 Ohms. When the amount of viruses in the cell exceeds the threshold and becomes equal to 225, the cell turns into the category of cancer cells and its resistance increases up to 5.6 Ohms. This resistance to change from cells of viruses, which comes to 7.55 ohms at 555 viruses.When the number of viruses is 556 and above then cell dramatically increases the electrical resistance up to 9 Ohms and dies.

What kind of impact on the body do cells that contain viruses have?
Living cells have the same impact on the body, independently from the number of viruses. Dead cells with viruses have different effects on the body. If we take the harmful effect of human normal dead cell without viruses is equal to 1, then the dead cell containing 100 viruses has 10 times more harmful effect on the body, dead cell with 110 virus has 43 times more harmful effect on the body, dead cell with 224 viruses has in 89 times more harmful effect on the body, dead cell with 225 viruses has 1000 times more harmful effect on the body, dead cell with 555 viruses has 10000 times more harmful effect on the body. As seen, dead cells with viruses are dangerous for our health, more dangerous are the dead cells of benign tumors and the greatest threat to health are of dead cancer cells.

There are known methods of classical medicine for cancer detection — magnetic resonance tomography, computer tomography, oncoscreening, endoscopic, morphological, radiological methods of research, tumor markers (cancer diagnosis by a blood test), etc., but they separately do not give quite accurate and understandable information about cancer. It is possible, with the help of informational (torsion) diagnostics (, to detect the presence of cancer or a benign tumor by the amount of virus in the cell, the electrical resistance of the cell and directly the number of cancer cells or benign tumor cells in the human body or in a certain organ without physical contact with the person. It is also possible to determine the state of cells

What approaches to cancer healing exist?
The first thing to understand is that nonoptimal style of life in certain environment results to the appearance of the cancer cells. If a person gots rid cancer, than without changing the style of life, cancer cells appear in the body again over time. Consequently, in disease occurrence it is necessary to change the style of life and environmental conditions in order not to repeat such a problem situation. It concerns the optimization of nutrition, water intake, physical loadings, physical impacts, emotional conditions, relaxation, elimination of pathogenic contamination. Second, you need to destroy cancer cells and remove them from the body. Today’s global pharmaceuticals can’t give safe and effective anti-cancer medicines. Operations contribute to the removal of the body part that contains cancer cells, but cancer cells that are caught in other parts of the body are to continue develop quite quickly. Radiation and chemotherapy destroy part of cancer cells and part of healthy cells as well, and there is a question here, what is better?

Using informational diagnostic, which only began to develop and already provides unique results, it is possible to get customized recommendations for nutrition optimization during which certain food substances enter the cell and dissolve viruses. Viruses are destroyed and removed from the body. In this case, the cells move from the category of cancerous cells to the category of benign tumor and into the category of normal cells with the virus, and later in the category of healthy cells that are virus-free. Besides food substances under certain conditions loosen organic-mineral slug in the blood vessels and contribute to their removal from the body.

Nutrition optimizing helps to clean vessels and cells of slags. Clean vessels and cells of the body provide a complete restoration of the immune system, a complete secretion of hormones and enzymes. Person gets rid not only of cancer, it gets rid of many other diseases that are acquired during life. Most important is that body cleaning from viruses and toxins is implemented smoothly and successfully, regardless of age. Age is no obstacle cleaning the body and procedure of cleaning is required for all who want to be healthy, to be creative, to keep active physical work and life. When cleaning nerve cells are effectively cleaned as well, and it is net together with the huge number of nerve diseases that are manifested in the physical, behavioral and cognitive defects. Many diseases are caused by the fact that some portions of the nerve cells are dirty and have high resistance, which contributes to the attenuation of nerve signals. When the value of transmit nerve signals is below a certain value than certain relevant diseases occur. Cleaning of nerve cells releases human from a number of mental illnesses.

Author: Peter Ermakov, professor of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, kv.406 Boulevard, Glory 3, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49106
tel. +380505205709