ISD Diagnostic Example

       When diagnosing, the following parameters are determined: slagging of arteries, veins, capillaries, lymphatic vessels of the head, heart, kidneys, liver, intestines, bile ducts, leukocyte and lymphocyte channels.

       ISD is determined by: Fat, Relative telomere length, The degree of cardiac arrhythmia, The functioning of the hormonal system of the body, The weight of stones in the body, Constant porosity of the cell membrane, The amount of intercellular (tissue) fluid, Tumor Weight, The maximum number of viruses in the cell, The number of nerve cell divisions in the Soul counter, Maximum electrical resistance of nerve cells, Cancer cell weight, The number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, blood counts: white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, Blood sugar, Body water, The number of water molecules in water clusters of the body, Daily water intake, Body homeostasis, Homeostasis of physiological systems, Thyroid homeostasis, Pancreatic homeostasis, The number of pathogenic, The degree of functioning of the immune system, Water in the lungs, Willpower, Gluten, Food intake, Vitamin intake, Amino acid intake, Protein intake, Plant food intake, Healthy lifestyle, Vascular elasticity, Degree of allergy, The number of poisons in the body, The amount of beneficial microflora, Exercise stress, Abilities, The life time of nerve cells between divisions is now, Telomere length of nerves, Heart telomere length, Food compatibility, The degree of destruction of the myelin sheaths of nerves, Degree of diabetes, Insulin secretion, Gold content, Heavy metal content, Radionuclides, The concentration of malic acid in the blood, The concentration of ionic gold in the blood, Creator Punishment, The degree of transition of information from the Subconscious to the Conscious, Magnetic field strength, Strength (degree) of stress, Dioxins, Nitrates, Medication.