Despite the huge money spent on the fight against cancer, it should be recognized that in this direction there is no success. No matter how much a patient spends money on treatment for several years, he usually dies. Consider the problem of cancer in terms of knowledge on the diagnosis of the ICD information space (

      A few words about ICD. ICD, as a unique trend in science, has appeared since 2010. A person gets new knowledge in two ways — by searching for options and from some space sources, such as the information space system, aliens … People receive information in doses, in accordance with their level of development. In the field of human medicine, information is provided at the level of 3%, which does not allow to understand the meaning and structure of the human soul, the value and controllability of soul control programs, the mechanism of aging and rejuvenation, the causes of the disease and the methods of their treatment. The ICD is given a unique opportunity to get all the information from space sources and, above all, in medicine, when you can make a complete diagnosis from a photograph, determine the causes of the disease and the technology of individual treatment.

      Cancer fell ill in 2018, 10% of the world’s population, in 2050, 14% of the population will be ill. The number of deaths from cancer is much higher. In 2018, 44% of the population died of cancer on Earth, and in 2050, 65%. Such statistics indicate that scientists and doctors have not mastered the correct theory and practice of cancer treatment, and the problem of cancer exists.
The problem of cancer is primarily related to inaccurate diagnosis. Today’s cancer diagnosis provides an answer to the “likely” level of cancer. Because of this, millions of cancer diagnostics in developed countries are unreliable when there is no cancer, and doctors say there is cancer. In addition, diagnostic equipment itself is detrimental to health when used. For example, when a person is irradiated with electromagnetic and radiation fields, deformations of control programs in the human soul are observed, which leads to various incurable chronic diseases. If there is no reliable diagnosis, then there is no successful treatment of the disease. What to do and is there a way out of this situation?

      ICD is determined that a cell becomes cancerous if it contains 225 viruses. How does a cell become cancerous? Viruses get from the surface of the mucous membrane through the capillaries into the extracellular fluid, and then into the cell through the cell membrane of extracellular fluid. When do viruses pass through the cell wall? In order for viruses to pass through the cell membrane, the cell needs to form pores of a size that allows viruses to pass through the membrane. When does the pore size in the cell wall increase? The pore size in the cell membrane increases when the cell enters a weakened state. A cell can be weakened by the influence of informational, physical, chemical factors and lifestyle.

     Such factors are very diverse. Physical factors include temperature, pressure, electromagnetic and radiative forcing. Informational factors include stress. Chemical factors include food, drugs, chemical and biological poisons, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc.

       Viruses after penetration of the membrane into the cell begin to multiply. A cell goes through successive states: when the number of viruses is 1-109, the cell becomes inflamed, when 110-224 viruses are in the cell, the cell becomes a benign tumor cell, and when the number of viruses is 225, it turns into a cancer cell. Viruses destroy the myelin sheath of nerves that enter the nucleus of a tissue cell and thereby increase the electrical resistance of the nerves. When the electrical resistance of the nerves exceeds a certain threshold and the electrical signal between the soul and the brain decreases, a program to control the accelerated division of nerve cells and cancer cells of tissues is launched in the subconscious database.

      In normal cancer, cancer cells divide after 111 days, benign tumor cells divide after 222 days, healthy cells divide after 366 days with consumption of normal water and after 444 days with consumption of structured water in 44 water molecules in a water cluster. The longer the time between cell division, the longer a person lives.

      The vital activity of viruses in the cell contributes to the appearance of poisons. Viruses in the intercellular space do not change the structure of water, but they change the structure of water when they are in a cell. Viruses contribute to changes in the structure of water in an inflamed cell, a benign tumor cell and a cancer cell, as they form clusters with 22 water molecules that are toxic to the cells of the body. The temperature in the cell rises depending on the number of viruses, the temperature in the inflamed cell becomes 37.4 … 37.9 degrees

      How is cancer treated according to official medicine protocols and why there is no success in treatment? Usually, a cancer tumor is cut out. In this case, before the operation, some viruses may be in those places that are not scheduled for removal. After removal of the tumor, some of the cancer cells remain, in some of the cells there are viruses less than 225, and such cells are either cells of a benign tumor or inflamed cells. Part of the virus is in the extracellular fluid. The viruses after the operation continue to multiply in the cells and the cells gradually become cancerous, that is, the cancer returns. Viruses in the extracellular fluid do not multiply, for reproduction they need to go through the cell membrane inside, where they have conditions for reproduction.

        The next treatment is chemotherapy. Chemically, both healthy cells and cancer cells die. However, in the dead cancer cells, the viruses remain alive and remain in the intercellular fluid, and then pass through the envelope of weakened cells into the cell and after reproduction turn these cells into cancer cells. Therefore, one should always expect through the appearance of new cancer cells in the body. Scientists are trying to prove the success in the fight against cancer of such treatment methods as radiation exposure, targeted methods, etc. However, with all these treatment technologies, the viruses remain alive and after they enter the cell from the intercellular fluid, the cancer returns.

         What to do? ICD has proven that it is necessary to suppress not all cancer cells, but all viruses in the body. Is it possible to suppress all viruses? It turns out that with the help of ICD it is possible to individually select plant products for each individual, which suppress not only viruses, but also all pathogenic organisms in the body. Thus, after the suppression of viruses in cancer cells, such cells are transformed into healthy ones, however, dead viruses and their waste must be removed from them. Cell cleaning can also be accelerated with the help of herbal products. Suppression of viruses in various inflammations, cancer, AIDS passes within 3 days, and it takes at least 3 months to clean the cells. Prescribing treatment recommendations and monitoring the ICD process is carried out according to the patient’s photo. Thus, the problem of diagnosing and treating cancer is not. Hundreds of successful cancer treatments since 2010 using ICD confirm this.

Yermakov PP, Professor, UGHTU, Dnipro