Ermakov P, professor


     What is the uniqueness of the information space of diagnosis ICD? We analyze by examples. Usually the patient goes to the doctor, it passes through the equipment and devices of different cabinets, delivers a variety of tests and this is not enough, the doctor made the right conclusions about the disease. All information about the disease is impossible to obtain. Then comes the second stage, on the basis of incomplete information, the doctor begins to make inferences about the nature of the disease and possible ways to treat it. The basis of treatment is taken synthetic drugs which data for ICD ultimately form chemical compounds zashlakovyvayuschie capillaries, … and the cells causing a decrease in blood flow and lymph flow in the cells and other negative problems. Man suffers a lifetime with periods of improvement or a deterioration in health. All official medical technology requires a lot of time, money, and creates uncertainty in the outcome of treatment. It always has been and why people live mostly 60-80 years old, not 184 years, which led us to the Creator.

    Since 2010, a new and unique trend in medicine — ICD. What is the ICD technology? The patient sends over the Internet a photo of any year. In the photo a complete diagnosis of the organism, when determined by dozens of parameters of physiological systems, organs, cells, infection, food intake in quality and quantity for any period of time, the presence of heavy metals, radionuclides, character traits, the number of divisions of the nerve cells, determining the lifetime human life time reserves, causes illness, etc. For this diagnosis it shows how people lived and what a dozhilsya. Next, determine the exact recommendations of the individual receiving the natural foods that rapidly inhibit pathogens throughout the body and to clean the whole body of toxins. Thus treated, almost all disease. This is convenient for the patient, cheaply and quickly.

   The uniqueness of the ICD is that the patient receives an individual safe treatment technology in the home, when not interrupted normal work schedule and life as well as reception of food is carried out in the morning and evening. Unfortunately ICD technology can not be carried out by doctors, as it requires the nature of certain abilities, which have no doctors.

   How is the ICD in practice? Patients with all over the world send their photos on the Internet, indicate the existence of the problem and get a few days of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Typically, after 5 days of treatment carried stroke distance and the course of treatment checking the correct reception of food. Later in life occasionally appear urgent very serious problems which require immediate consultation.

   One of the examples of practice, patient Irina became very bad feel, no medicines and she did not help them, it could not accept. ICD photo found that reason the presence of cancer cells in a particular part of the brain that relates to the critical areas, i.e. so that the time between the main division of nerve cells determines the lifetime of a person. In this case, while the patient resides it is only 24 hours instead of the maximum life time division between nerve cells in 666 days, or life reserves, and quickly come to an end in 2-3 weeks the patient dies. Nerve cells divide only 100 times, after that person dies. Through the Internet, the answer was sent immediately and the next day the problem was solved by the most patient receiving food. ICD treated all types of cancer and at any stage. ICDs are treated almost all diseases, including those that medicine considers incurable.

  Following the recommendations of ICD all tissues, organs are restored, inflammation disappears, the whole body is cleaned from pathogens and toxins, reduces the biological age of the internal organs to 20 years, increased lifetime as time division between nerve cells increases from 200-300 days to 666 days , there is a physical and mental activity, improves skin condition …

    Almost all diseases are caused by pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, worms, arthropods, protozoa, mites, parasites. Suppressing quickly with the help of food pathogens we get rid of toxins and improve the condition of the cells and organs.

   ICD established structure of the person. Official medicine believes that a person has only a biological body. However, a person is much more complicated structure. The human structure can be identified 14 levels of the structure of the hierarchy, with the first three levels of the structure it takes the human soul, where is all the information that defines the structure of the body, our functions, our thinking. Man consists of a body of information, the mental (magnetic) body, etheric (electrical) of the body and the biological body. At the level of 34 database laid Soul Subconscious, which controls the program completely determine the structure of all biological body and over time these programs because of the stresses are changing irrevocably and we age biologically.